Custom Research

CyberEdge is a custom market research powerhouse. We offer more custom research offerings than any other vendor in the entire cybersecurity industry.

Our promotional survey reports are second to none. No other research vendor can match CyberEdge’s data quality, report quality, geographic coverage, and breadth of available sponsorship deliverables. Nobody – not even close.

Cybersecurity vendors also turn to CyberEdge to conduct marketing research studies for internal use, such as measuring customer satisfaction and loyalty, gauging brand awareness, and validating opportunities to expand into new markets.

Here’s a quick look at CyberEdge’s custom research:

“It’s hard to find a marketing consultant who’s not only capable of cranking out well-written white papers, but who is also polished enough to present in our customer-facing webinars. In short, I’m impressed with CyberEdge.”

~ Tom Clare, Sr. Director of Product Marketing, Websense

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