Frequently Asked Questions for Customers

CyberEdge is unlike any marketing vendor you’ll ever find.  There are three things that make us unique:

  1. Deep bench strength.  CyberEdge is “a jack of all trades and a master of all.” That’s because our consultants are experienced contractors that specialize in many domains, including content development, graphic design, competitive analysis, market research, recruiting, and much more. Since our consultants are not employees, we can afford to offer virtually any service that a high-tech marketing executive might ever need.
  2. Broad services portfolio.  CyberEdge provides more than 50 services across four categories—Marketing, Competitive Analysis, Research, and Publishing.  You would have to work with at least 10 vendors to obtain the services that we provide.
  3. Technology and industry expertise.  Our 25+ consultants have experience servicing high-tech vendors across virtually all industries and technology areas.  You will not find a high-tech marketing agency with broader expertise.  Period.

When it comes to content development, we’re the best in the business. Our experienced marketing consultants can help with all of your content creation needs, including:

  • Business intelligence and analytics
  • Cloud computing
  • Computer hardware
  • Databases
  • Development platforms
  • Enterprise applications
  • Enterprise backup software
  • IT security
  • IT service management
  • Mobile computing
  • Networking
  • Operating systems
  • Storage
  • Virtualization

Traditional marketing agencies are limited in the services they provide—usually creative marketing services, such as branding, graphic design, and non-technical content development.  Sure, we do those things, but much, much more.

That’s the “edge” in CyberEdge!  Because we work with contractors, we have enormous bench strength that spans virtually all high-tech industries and technology categories!  Plus, it helps to keep costs down, making us much more affordable than many of our pure-play competitors.

We’re not a full-service PR firm.  At least not yet.  But other than that, there’s not much else that CyberEdge can’t do.

Think of us like Gartner.  Gartner works with virtually every high-tech vendor under the sun, but maintains client confidentiality with each vendor.  In that regard, we’re the same.  But in practice, the vast majority of our services don’t require access to confidential information.  And in those instances we do, we’re glad to sign your standard non-disclosure agreement.  CyberEdge is adamant about maintaining client confidentiality.  The fact that we work with your competitor just means that we have established experience and expertise in your industry.

Over 90% of CyberEdge’s project deliverables are branded by our clients.  We ghost-write content for our clients every day.

At least 80% of our customer engagements are project-based, encompassing a fixed-priced statement of work (SOW).  Approximately 20% of our engagements are consultants working for customers on retainer for 20, 30, or 40 hours per week for a minimum of three months.

All of our project-based consultants are “career contractors,” meaning they’re not in between jobs.  They’ve chosen freelance consulting as a lifestyle and are not looking for permanent employment.  Thus, once you’ve developed trust and rapport with your CyberEdge consultant, he or she will likely be available to you for many years to come.

Roughly half of our retainer consultants are in between jobs, temporarily contracting while seeking permanent employment.  On several occasions, our customers have hired their retainer consultants.  In those instances, CyberEdge is compensated with a “recruiting fee,” as outlined in our master services agreement (MSA).

Our consultants are usually booked 2-3 weeks in advance.  If time is of the essence, it’s best to execute your SOW sooner rather than later.

That’s easy.  Give us a call at 800-327-8711, drop us an email at info@cyber-edge.com, or complete a short form on the Contact Us page.  We’ll get back to you quickly to schedule a consultation at your convenience.

Frequently Asked Questions for Contractors

We’re afraid not.  All CyberEdge consultants are contractors, most of whom have been freelancing for years.  This provides our clients with an enormous advantage as our contractors have such diverse position, industry, and technology experience.

Yes, but on a retainer basis only.  And the good news is that many of our retainer contractors ultimately got hired by their respective CyberEdge clients.  It’s our policy that only long-term, career contractors with 2+ years of freelance experience service our clients on a project basis as this gives our clients added assurance that their CyberEdge consultant will be available to service them for many years to come.

There are many.  First, we take away the painstaking process of finding contract work.  Second, you invoice us “net 15,” but typically get paid within 7-10 days.  And third, you work entirely from your home office (barring client-related travel that you approve) on your schedule.

Absolutely!  Virtually all of our contractors service their own clients on the side.  As long as you reserve ample time to service our clients, what you do on the side is your business.

CyberEdge is currently recruiting the following types of contractors:

  • Product marketing
  • Product management
  • Competitive analysis
  • Market research
  • Public relations
  • Events marketing
  • Executive recruiting
  • Digital marketing
  • Web design/development
  • Graphic design

Several things.  We require a minimum of 10 years of experience in your chosen profession.  If you want to work on a project basis, then your last two years of work experience must have been as a freelance contractor.  Next, we’re looking for deep professional expertise and experience working with or for high-tech vendors.  And lastly, we’re looking for contractors with excellent communication skills with a track record of completing assignments on time.

Becoming a CyberEdge contractor is not easy.  Less than 5% of applicants are even interviewed.  Applicants must have a minimum of 10 years of applicable work experience, must pass a rigorous interview process, provide outstanding work samples, and participate in a criminal background check.  CyberEdge consultants are the cream of the crop.  Our clients deserve nothing less.

Connect to our Careers page and click on one of our contractor postings to get started.  If you have any questions, drop us an email at info@cyber-edge.com.