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Sponsoring a CyberEdge promotional survey report based on the findings from a web-based market research survey yields numerous benefits for technology vendors, including:

  • Demonstrating thought leadership in your industry
  • Generating new, and nurturing existing, top-of-funnel leads
  • Validating the need for your product category
  • Conveying the need for your product’s competitive advantages
  • Improving brand awareness through media coverage
  • Gaining favor with key industry analysts

There are many IT research vendors who regularly publish sponsored survey reports. But none of them matches CyberEdge’s data quality, geographic reach, or breadth of available sponsorship deliverables.

CyberEdge Other Researchers
Data Quality
Minimum sample size and survey margin of error 500 (4%) 100-400 (5-10%)
Sample size clearly stated in report Yes Varies
Restrict responses by job role, employee count, and industry Yes ~Varies
Prevent disqualified respondents from re-starting survey Yes No
Minimum employee count for respondents 500 1
Provide “Don’t know” responses so respondents aren’t forced to
answer questions outside their knowledge base
Yes No
Randomize responses to prevent order bias Yes No
Translate survey for non-English speakers Yes No
Geographic Reach
Guarantee exact sample size by country Yes No
North America Yes Yes
Europe Yes Varies
Asia & ANZ Yes Rarely
Middle East & Africa Yes Rarely
Latin America Yes Rarely
Project Deliverables
Survey Report Report with deep analysis Report with statistics only
Webinar participation Yes, by subject matter expert Yes, subject matter expertise varies
Raw summarized data for self-analysis Yes Rarely
Content syndication leads with ability to specify filters, such as countries, industries, job roles, and organization size Optional, and can specify filters Varies, but can’t specify filters
Copy for website, blog, email, and social media promotion Optional No
Localized report and infographic in languages of choice Optional No

Whether you sponsor a survey report on our research calendar, or you come up with your own idea for an ad hoc or annual survey report, sponsoring a CyberEdge survey report will pay dividends in so many ways. Your eMarketing team will love you, your public relations team will love you, your analyst relations team will love you, and your sales team will definitely love you!

CyberEdge’s survey reports can be completed in as little as two months. Sponsors receive an attractive report chock full of meaty analysis with their logo on the front cover and a full-page ad in the back. Sponsors also receive the raw summarized survey data for further in-depth analysis, and a CyberEdge subject matter expert will participate in your webinar to promote the report’s key findings. Additional sponsorship deliverables, such as leads, infographics, blogs, promotional content, and localized reports, are available upon request.

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