Solution Briefs

Sometimes you need to sell the drill. And sometimes you need to sell the hole that a drill makes. Solution briefs help with the latter.

Creating a solution brief brochure is a great way to describe how your product offering fits within various horizontal use case solutions and vertical industry solutions. The trick is to deliver just the right amount of information so you don’t bore technical buyers and you don’t cause the eyeballs of business buyers to roll into the back of their heads. Fortunately, CyberEdge can help.

Content for Horizontal and Vertical Solutions

Our veteran product marketing consultants have developed solution brief brochures for software and hardware vendors across virtually all IT industry segments. In short, we’ve seen it all, including:

  • Product use case solution briefs – Cyberthreat hunting, supporting mobile users
  • Partner integration solution briefs – SIEM integration, ticketing integration
  • Industry solution briefs – Federal government, financial services, healthcare
  • Regulatory compliance solution briefs – PCI, HIPAA, FISMA, GDPR
We Know IT

CyberEdge is laser-focused on serving the content creation needs of IT vendor marketing teams. Our veteran product marketing consultants average 15-20 years of experience creating content for technology vendors. And we’re experienced in virtually all IT industry segments, including security, networking, virtualization, storage, mobile, cloud, and more.

Streamlined Review Cycles

A common frustration IT vendors often have when working with non-technical contractors is lengthy and painful review cycles. In some cases, they make so many edits that it would have been easier to develop the brochure’s content in-house in the first place! With CyberEdge, your review cycles will be quick and easy. As our consultants already have technical foundations and extensive industry experience, edits are typically minimal.

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