Thought Leadership Research Studies

Conducting a custom thought leadership research study yields numerous benefits for technology vendors, including:

  • Building your company’s reputation as a thought leader in your industry
  • Generating new high-quality leads
  • Nurturing existing leads
  • Validating the need for your product category
  • Emphasizing the need for your product’s competitive advantages
  • Gaining publicity among key industry journalists and analysts


Some of our clients conduct one-off research studies around hot topics of the day, while others repeat their studies annually in an effort to gauge industry trends. Either way, your eMarketing team will love you, your public relations team will love you, your analyst relations team will love you, and your sales team will definitely love you!

Custom thought leadership research studies can be completed in as little as two months. Deliverables typically include a CyberEdge-branded research report featuring your logo, an infographic, and participation in a client-hosted webinar.

When it comes to conducting custom research studies, there are many options. What makes CyberEdge different?

“Meaty” Reports

As CyberEdge’s consultants have deep subject matter expertise in virtually every IT industry segment, our reports are chock full of thoughtful analysis – rather than just statistics like many third-party research reports we find in our industry.

Expertly Written

Some low-cost custom research firms employ consultants who are not strong writers. Reports that you receive may not be well-written and/or may contain typos. Thankfully, all CyberEdge research reports are written by expert writers, saving you considerable time and effort during review cycles.

Attractive Deliverables

Some research reports and webinar presentations from low-cost custom research firms are unattractive, to put it nicely. They may incorporate rudimentary charts and graphs and/or may not be laid out in an attractive fashion. Fortunately, CyberEdge is both a successful research firm and marketing firm. All of your custom research project deliverables will be top notch, including reports, webinar presentations, and infographics.

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