Pay-as-you-go Website Support

It’s not uncommon for small to medium-sized tech vendors to outsource website maintenance, especially when the frequency of changes doesn’t warrant a full-time employee. If that sounds familiar, then allow CyberEdge to provide ongoing website support and maintenance, regardless of whether we created your site.

CyberEdge offers the following website maintenance services:

  • Content edits to existing pages
  • Content management system (CMS) updates for WordPress and Joomla
  • Plugin and/or extension updates
  • New web page / template design and development
  • Graphic design services (e.g., icons, hero images, custom illustrations)
  • Revised designs or layouts for existing pages / templates


CyberEdge offers website maintenance services through monthly retainers and pay-as-you-go arrangements, depending on the volume and frequency of your needs.

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