Research Reports

Publishing research reports is a phenomenal way to generate new leads, nurture existing leads, and build thought leadership among customers, prospects, partners, journalists, and analysts. Unfortunately, finding the right internal resources who have both availability and the proper skill set can be challenging. Fortunately, CyberEdge can help.

CyberEdge offers three ways of working with its tech vendor clients on research reports, including:

  • Company-branded report with your data – You handle graphic design and layout. Your CyberEdge consultant authors the content based on your company’s research.
  • Company-branded report with CyberEdge data – CyberEdge is your behind-the-scenes research partner for your company-branded report. We construct the survey instrument, host the survey, analyze the results, and generate report content. You handle graphic design and layout.
  • CyberEdge-branded report with CyberEdge data – We handle “everything.” Your company logo is proudly displayed on the cover of your CyberEdge-branded, third-party research report.
Flexible Options

Most custom research vendors provide one way of working with them on research reports. And it’s their way or the highway. Fortunately, CyberEdge is different. We enable our customers to choose the option that best fits their needs and budgets. Whether we’re creating a research report based on your data or ours, with your branding or ours, laid out by your graphic designers or ours, we want to work with you.

Expert Research Methodologies

CyberEdge’s research methodologies are second to none. When CyberEdge is called upon to construct the survey instrument, host the survey, and/or analyze the results, rest assured that you’re working with a research shop who employs commonly used research best practices. We’ll ensure there is no survey bias, we’ll localize surveys for non-English speaking countries, we’ll weed out “speeders” and “cheaters,” we’ll ensure that your results are statistically significant, and we’ll ensure that your data is both accurate and reliable. We’ll even participate in your promotional webinar!

Global Reach

CyberEdge has conducted research studies in six continents, 17 countries, and 19 industries. Our research deliverables have been localized into virtually every major language. CyberEdge research reports have won several marketing industry awards, and our research has been featured by both business and IT press, including The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Fortune, USA Today, NPR, and more.

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