Promotional Emails

Crafting emails to promote your company’s products or services is both an art and a science. You’ve got to find a way to connect with your prospective buyers in language that they can relate to while showcasing your products and/or services in their best light.

CyberEdge’s veteran product marketing consultants can assist by leveraging decades of experience and subject matter expertise in your IT segment to accomplish both of these objectives.

We’re Fluent in Technology

CyberEdge is laser-focused on serving the content creation needs of IT vendor marketing teams. Our veteran product marketing consultants average 15-20 years of experience creating promotional copy for technology vendors. And we’re experienced in virtually all IT industry segments, including security, networking, virtualization, storage, mobile, cloud, and more.

Minimal Ramp-up Time

Our expert consults require little ramp-up time. They’re coming into your engagement with foundational knowledge of your IT industry segment. They just need to be oriented to your company’s unique value proposition.

Faster and Easier Review Cycles

With CyberEdge, your review cycles will be quick and easy. As our consultants already have technical foundations and extensive industry experience, edits to your promotional email content are typically minimal. In short, we get it right the first time – and on time.

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