Interactive Infographics

Ready to take traditional, static infographics to a whole new level? Create and post an interactive infographic to your company’s website, and allow your customers and prospects explore your solutions in a whole new way.

Static infographics are popular for promoting long-form gated content assets, such as white papers and eBooks, on social media. They also help your customers and prospects “cut to the chase” with regard to key findings. But have you ever thought about creating an interactive infographic?

Interactive infographics allow your customers and prospects to “explore” the information you’re providing. Cybersecurity vendors create interactive infographics for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Illustrating business challenges and how your product or service addresses those challenges
  • Conveying all of the ways that your product can integrate with complimentary third-party products and the benefits achieved
  • Conveying key findings from an ad hoc or annual thought leadership research study
  • Giving your attendees a preview of where to access registration, keynote presentations, break-out sessions, the exhibit hall, and meals at an upcoming conference

There are many benefits to interactive infographics over traditional static infographics (which still serve an important role), including:

  • Interactive infographics provide the ability to convey more information (a little at a time) than static infographics without overwhelming the viewer
  • The viewer can select which aspects of the interactive infographic are most relevant to their role and not be presented with information to them that is potentially irrelevant
  • Visualization is more persuasive than static infographics
  • Lead forms for interactive infographics generate more conversions
Aligning Content to the Buyer Journey

You’ll Save Considerable Time (and Money)

Your primary interface for your project will be a highly experienced CyberEdge product marketing consultant with deep subject matter expertise in your cybersecurity industry segment. Your consultant will not only serve as your project manager, working with talented multimedia consultants behind the scenes, but will also play an active role in developing written content and making suggestions that affect the overall user experience. Thus, you won’t have to waste countless hours interfacing directly with a multimedia consultant who doesn’t understand cybersecurity trying to explain your company’s unique value proposition. In the end, you’ll save considerable time and your company’s money.

You’ll Spare Yourself Frustration

As CyberEdge is laser-focused on serving cybersecurity vendors and service providers, and our product marketing consultants are equipped with deep subject matter expertise, reviewing iterations of interactive infographic is so much simpler. Plus, your CyberEdge consultant reviews everything before you do. Unbeknownst to you, changes are usually made before you even see the content. This spares you potential frustration as your CyberEdge interactive infographic will always hit the mark.

You’ll Achieve a Higher Quality Video

The quality of our interactive infographics is second to none. But the real difference is the quality of the content and the overall user experience. Since we already have subject matter expertise in your cybersecurity industry segment, your CyberEdge interactive infographic will be far more compelling.


Have you given thought to creating an animated explainer video or whiteboard animation? Or perhaps live videos featuring customers or your company’s thought leaders? Click on any of these related CyberEdge services to learn more:

“CyberEdge’s talented consultants have served Webroot in many ways, including content development, competitive analysis, market research, webinars, and infographics. I’ve yet to come across a marketing firm with more industry expertise and bench strength.”

~ Darren Niller, Sr. Director of Worldwide Business Marketing, Webroot

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