Customer Satisfaction & Loyalty Studies

Annual research studies designed to measure loyalty to your brand (including your NPS score) and satisfaction across all customer-facing aspects of your business, including products, technical support, consulting services, channel partners, and more.

Too many cybersecurity vendors gauge customer satisfaction and loyalty through gut instincts and anecdotal data from recent customer interactions. They also assume that happy customers are loyal, and loyal customers are happy, which is not always the case.

Leading cybersecurity vendors understand the immense value of conducting annual customer satisfaction and loyalty surveys. These vendors receive an annual “report card” to gauge how it’s performing in the eyes of its customers with regard to all customer-facing aspects of their businesses, including:

  • Products
  • Pricing
  • Technical support
  • Consulting services
  • Training services
  • Sales team
  • Channel partners

Loyalty is also measured, which results in an up to date NetPromoter score. This helps you to understand trends with regard to how loyal your customers are to your brand and how likely they are to remain with your company versus trying out one of your competitors.

By repeating customer satisfaction and loyalty studies annually, you can measure the effects of changes you made to the customer-facing aspects of your business following last year’s study. And you can decide where to make incremental new investments.

There are multiple companies who perform customer satisfaction and loyalty studies. Why should cybersecurity vendors select CyberEdge?

Best Practices for Measuring Customer Satisfaction & Loyalty

We Know Cybersecurity

CyberEdge is laser-focused on serving the content creation needs of cybersecurity vendor marketing teams. Our veteran product marketing consultants average 15-20 years of experience creating content for technology vendors. And we're experienced across all industry segments, including network security, endpoint security, cloud security, identity and access management, security operations, and more. By having subject matter expertise in your industry, we’re better equipped to construct a survey instrument that meets your needs.

We Embrace Best Practices

CyberEdge knows research. We embrace numerous best practices, including:

  • Avoiding survey bias
  • Avoiding survey fatigue
  • Constructing easy-to-follow survey questions in a consistent way
  • Localizing surveys for non-English speakers
  • Achieving a statistically significant sample size
  • Weeding out “speeders” and “cheaters”
  • Mining results for optimal insights

Want to perform a similar study for your competitors so you know which weaknesses you can exploit? Or perhaps you’re ready to launch an annual research study that helps you generate leads and build thought leadership? Click on any of these related CyberEdge services to learn more:

“We initially engaged CyberEdge for a custom book and eBook. Then we learned their consultants can supplement bandwidth of our marketing team by assisting with message development, competitive analysis, industry research, customer webinars, white papers, and more. I’m pleased CyberEdge can serve us in so many ways.”

~ Janet Matsuda, CMO, Blue Coat

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