CRM Win-Loss Optimization

Accurate win/loss data is mission critical to every competitive analysis program. Without it, you might as well pack up and go home. You have no clue as to where to make your competitive analysis investments or what impact the competition should have on your product roadmap.

Too many high-tech vendors give up on the notion that it’s possible for their CRM (such as, SAP Hybris Sales Cloud, Oracle CRM, and Microsoft Dynamics) to capture accurate win/loss data – mainly due to the “garbage in, garbage out” mindset. “Garbage in” results when sales personnel are not properly tracking competitive influences in forecasted opportunities. “Garbage out” refers to inaccurate win/loss data infecting your reports.

Well, CyberEdge has incredible news! It is possible to virtually eliminate inaccurate win/loss data. And it’s much easier than you think. CyberEdge can work with key company stakeholders in sales and marketing, and your CRM administrator, to optimize your CRM in the following ways:

  • Introduce a third opportunity closed status called “Closed – No Decision”
  • Enable “technical enforcement” to require population of key opportunity fields
  • Implement new opportunity fields, such as:
    • Competitor pick lists
    • Opportunity winner
    • Closed – Won reasons
    • Closed – Lost reasons
    • Closed – No Decision reasons
  • Competitor win/loss reports

The deliverable for this engagement is a comprehensive report depicting all of the agreed-upon changes to be made to your CRM by your CRM administrator. This entire project can be completed within just two to three weeks.

Why select CyberEdge to help optimize your CRM? We’re glad you asked.

Laser Focused on IT

Unlike our competitors who may serve airlines, banks, and restaurant chains, CyberEdge is 100% dedicated to serving software, hardware, and IT services vendors. Our consultants average 15-20 years of IT industry experience with subject matter expertise across virtually all IT industry segments, including security, networking, cloud, IT service management (ITSM), storage, virtualization, and more.

Legacy in Competitive Analysis

CyberEdge’s founder, Steve Piper, has owned competitive analysis programs for five enterprise software companies over the course of two decades. His proven best practices have made a huge difference to his former employers and to CyberEdge customers.

Full Portfolio of Competitive Analysis Services

Most of our competitors offer one or two of the services that we offer. We offer a portfolio of six competitive analysis services, not to mention dozens of other marketing, research, and publishing services. CyberEdge is your one-stop shop for all of your competitive analysis needs.

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