Competitive White Papers

Customer-facing white papers depicting key advantages over competing products and/or services.

CyberEdge is best known for creating technology white papers as we create more white papers than any other form of sales tool – and probably twice as many white papers as our next-closest competitor. But did you know that CyberEdge can also create competitive white papers?

Now, as a rule of thumb, we don’t recommend posting competitive white papers to your public website as you don’t want to give your competitors free publicity. But competitive white papers are useful for sales people and channel partners to send to their customers (perhaps under NDA) on a one-off basis, when your company and one or two of your closest competitors are on the shortlist.

There are many vendors out there who can create competitive white papers. What makes CyberEdge different? We’re glad you asked.

Expert’s Guide to High-Tech Competitive Analysis Programs

Laser Focused on IT

Unlike our competitors who may serve airlines, banks, and restaurant chains, CyberEdge is 100% dedicated to serving software, hardware, and IT services vendors. Our consultants average 15-20 years of IT industry experience with subject matter expertise across virtually all IT industry segments, including security, networking, cloud, IT service management (ITSM), storage, virtualization, and more.

Strong Technical Foundations

Our competitive analysis consultants have technical backgrounds as IT practitioners and/or as consultants serving IT vendors for a couple of decades. Unlike many our competitors, our consultants have the technical chops to understand the questions that they’re asking and go off script based on the customer’s response to a given question. You’ll gain far deeper insights by working with CyberEdge than any other vendor.

Full Portfolio of Competitive Analysis Services

Most of our competitors offer one or two of the services that we offer. We offer a portfolio of six competitive analysis services, not to mention dozens of other marketing, research, and publishing services. CyberEdge is your one-stop shop for all of your competitive analysis needs.


Need help with other competitive analysis initiatives? Click on any of these related CyberEdge services to learn more:

“I’ve worked with CyberEdge since it was founded. Over the years, I’ve relied on CyberEdge for custom books and eBooks, white papers, competitive analysis, custom research, messaging and position, and website design and development. I’ve never encountered a marketing firm with so much expertise. CyberEdge is more than a vendor to me – they’re a strategic marketing partner.”

~ John Vecchi, CMO, Anitian

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