Client-authored Books & eBooks

Creating promotional books and eBooks is a tremendous way to generate leads and build thought leadership at the same time. Printed books attract lots of traffic at trade show booths. Sales people love to hand them out to customers and partners during sales calls and regional seminars. Our eBooks are frequently cited as the most successful call-to-action for email, social media, and pay-per-click campaigns.

Whether you decide to create a Definitive Guide™ book and eBook or a custom book and eBook with a custom cover, you have the option of authoring the manuscript yourself. Here’s how it works.

CyberEdge will assign a highly experienced “Managing Consultant” for your project. He or she will perform the following services:

  • Lead your project kick-off conference call
  • Create a project schedule and frequently check in with you to ensure our project is running smoothly and on time
  • Help you to create a content outline that logically organizes your book into chapters and sections so you can achieve your target page count
  • Provide you with manuscript templates in Microsoft Word for the introduction, foreword, chapters, and (optional) glossary
  • Review your content and propose edits before it goes to a professional book editor
  • Interface with our book editor during two editorial review cycles
  • Interface with our book graphic designer during two layout review cycles and to create your eBook
  • Interface with our print shop to print your book order and ship your order to one or more locations of your choosing
  • Optionally interface with our localization partner to create non-English versions of your book and/or eBook
  • Optionally interface with our graphic designer to create a Kindle version of your eBook
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