Animated Explainer Videos

Entertaining 1-2 minute animated videos featuring custom cartoon characters that explain market problems, solution attributes, and business benefits in a way that anyone can understand.

Animated explainer videos are short online marketing videos that explain the business problem your company solves, how your company solves them, and the benefits achieved by using your company’s products or services. They’re often featured on website home pages and prominently on associated product and services pages. They’re also great to promote using social media.

Some companies create one explainer video to encompass everything they do, while others create a series of explainer videos for each of their primary offerings.

Animated explainer videos are typically 1-2 minutes in duration. (We’ll make more if we sell you a 3-minute video, but you’ll lose most of your viewers during that last minute. Trust us.) They typically include custom-created cartoon characters that feature some sort of “hero” to tell the story. Some are simple whiteboard animations with a hand moving across a white board drawing pictures. (Those are cool, too.)

CyberEdge is a monster fan of animated explainer videos and loves creating them for our customers. We highly recommend them if:

  • Your company is in a new or emerging product or service category that not everyone has heard about and even fewer people understand.
  • Your company is in a crowded, well-established market and you want to make your company’s unique value propositions abundantly clear.
  • You recognize that some of your buyers are visual learners and you want to “spoon feed” your value proposition to them, rather than forcing them to read datasheets.

Now, to be fair, there are dozens and dozens (and dozens) of explainer video companies out there, many of whom will create your video for a few hundred bucks. So, why should tech vendors turn to CyberEdge? Well, that’s easy, actually.

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Aligning Content to the Buyer Journey

You’ll Save Considerable Time (and Money)

Your primary interface for your project will be a highly experienced CyberEdge product marketing contractor with deep subject matter expertise in your cybersecurity industry segment – rather than a “creative director” in Eastern Europe who isn’t entirely fluent in English who you can only exchange emails with. (Yes… this is from personal experience. It’s painful.) Your CyberEdge consultant will not only serve as your project manager, working with talented multimedia consultants behind the scenes, but will also play an active role in establishing your storyboard and voice-over script. Thus, you won’t have to waste countless hours with someone who doesn’t understand cybersecurity trying to explain your company’s unique value proposition. We estimate that our clients save 40-60 hours of their time by working with CyberEdge over low-cost vendors. What is your time worth to you and your company?

You’ll Spare Yourself Frustration

As CyberEdge is laser-focused on serving cybersecurity vendors and service providers, and our product marketing consultants are equipped with deep subject matter expertise, reviewing storyboards, voice-over scripts, and iterations of your video are so much simpler. Plus, your CyberEdge consultant reviews everything before you do. Unbeknownst to you, changes are usually made before you even see the content. This spares you the frustration of working with a low-cost explainer video vendor. And instead of receiving your video in 4-6 months (again, personal experience…), you’ll receive it in 4-6 weeks.

You’ll Achieve a Higher Quality Video

The quality of our animations is second to none – much nicer than the explainer videos you can get for a few hundred bucks, which often use stock animated characters and have clunky movements. But the real difference is the quality of the story we’re telling and how we’re telling that story. Since we already have subject matter expertise in your cybersecurity industry segment, the story we’re telling will be far more compelling, and the voice-over script will absolutely hit the mark.


Prefer a whiteboard animation to a traditional cartoon-based explainer video? Or have you considered creating live videos or perhaps an interactive infographic? Click on any of these related CyberEdge services to learn more:

“Thanks to CyberEdge’s deep security industry expertise, the entire process progressed painlessly. I provided only minimal direction to my CyberEdge marketing consultant, who in turn interfaced with the video producers behind the scenes. The animations turned out great and the voice-over script conveys the precise messages we desired.

~ Lisa Remsa, Demand Generation Marketing Lead, Exostar

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