Thought Leadership Studies

Conducting a thought leadership research study is an effective way to generate high-quality leads while building thought leadership for your company. Repeated annually or initiated in response to a new market trend, custom research studies pay dividends for high-tech vendors:

  • Build your company’s reputation as a thought leader
  • Generate numerous, high-quality leads
  • Validate the need for your product category
  • Gain publicity among key industry press and analysts

Custom research studies can be completed in as little as two months. Deliverables include a comprehensive research report and optional infographic, blog content, press release attribution, and webinar participation.

Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty Studies

Too many companies go about their daily business “assuming” their customers are satisfied, perhaps because they don’t hear many complaints. And the few times companies proactively reach out to their customers to solicit feedback, they assume “happy” customers equate to “loyal” customers. If you think this is always the case, then think again.

Although satisfaction is definitely a contributor to loyalty, it is not a perfect indicator. A user of your products may be satisfied, but a change in CIO may cause your customer to look elsewhere. Or the inverse may be true, whereas a user is unhappy with your products, but is stuck using them because her employer is locked into a multi-year maintenance agreement.

By conducting an online annual customer satisfaction and loyalty survey, your company essentially receives an annual “report card” to gauge how it’s performing in the eyes of its customers. And by leveraging a reputable third-party research organization to conduct your survey, your report will be scientifically accurate and customers will be more open and honest as they’re assured their responses will remain confidential and only reported in the aggregate.

Customer loyalty is associated with your company, while customer satisfaction is associated with multiple factors, including:

  • Your products
  • Your pricing
  • Your technical support
  • Your consulting services
  • Your training services
  • Your sales team
  • Your business processes
  • Your channel partners

Satisfaction and loyalty scores can be measured globally and by region—and even by sales team. And when you ask the same questions year after year, you can compare how changes in business processes affect customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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Brand Awareness Studies

Every new entrant in an established market faces the same dilemma—brand recognition. When your sales people reach out to a prospect, they want the prospect to immediately recognize their company name—and preferably have a positive feeling about its brand.

The first step in overcoming a brand awareness problem is to assess how big the problem really is by surveying your target buyers. If only 5% of your target buyers have ever heard of your company, then the problem may be bigger than you initially anticipated. But if 75% of your target buyers are familiar with your company, then the next step might be to conduct a brand preference survey to gauge how your brand is perceived.

Brand preference surveys provide insight into how your brand and those of your competitors are perceived by your prospects—not only in the United States, but other geographies as well. By understanding both brand awareness and brand preference, you’ll have better insight as to where and how to invest your precious marketing resources.

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Cyberthreat Defense Report

CyberEdge’s annual Cyberthreat Threat Defense Report (CDR) surveys more than 1,000 security professionals in 10+ countries around the world on their perceptions of cyberthreats and the investments their companies make to defend against them.  Annual CDR results have been depicted in virtually every IT security publication, plus, Bloomberg Businessweek, and USA Today.

This research is made possible through Silver, Gold, and Platinum sponsors. Click here to view our most recent report. Contact your CyberEdge representative to learn more.