It’s important to create sales tools that support all kinds of learners. Traditional brochures and white papers are great for reading/writing learners. Podcasts are excellent for auditory learners. But what about visual learners?

At CyberEdge, we love multimedia. Our talented and creative multimedia consultants bring decades of animation, live video, and other visual media experience. Let us partner with you to scope, storyboard, produce, and deliver the multimedia assets that will make your next campaign a success – especially for your visual learners. CyberEdge can help you with:

Animated Explainer Videos
Entertaining 1-2 minute animated videos featuring custom cartoon characters that explain market problems, solution attributes, and business benefits in a way that anyone can understand.
Whiteboard Animations
Informative 1-2 minute animated videos of a hand drawing pictures and writing on a whiteboard to help explain the challenges your customers face, how your solution addresses those challenges, and the business benefits achieved.
Interactive Infographics
Ready to take traditional, static infographics to a whole new level? Create and post an interactive infographic to your company’s website, and allow your customers and prospects explore your solutions in a whole new way.
Live Videos
On-site videography and post-production for customer videos, partner videos, founder(s) videos, product launch videos, and more.