Graphic Design

There are multiple reasons why tech vendors turn to CyberEdge for graphic design support. Some, usually smaller, vendors may not have or need a full-time graphic designer on staff. Some may be in between graphic designers after their last person left, or be temporarily short-handed due to maternity leave, paternity leave, or medical leave. And some tech vendors—including large, multi-billion-dollar companies—may not have enough graphic design resources to handle their considerable needs, especially around product launches or major events.

Whatever your circumstance, we’ll gladly partner with you to deliver gorgeous pieces that set you apart from the competition and highlight your unique differentiation. Our graphic design services include:

Pay-as-you-go Graphic Design Support
Experienced graphic designers on call to handle all of your layout and graphic design needs, available on a pay-as-you-go basis with no minimum commitment.

Attractive infographics corresponding to products, research studies, industry events, regulations, and more.

Collateral Layout
CyberEdge’s talented graphic designers can lay out content in your existing templates for a variety of content assets.

Custom Illustrations
A myriad of custom illustrations that can be inserted into a variety of content assets, such as web pages, white papers, brochures, presentations, eBooks, and blogs.

Template Creation
New and/or improved InDesign, Photoshop, PowerPoint, Google Slides, and other templates for your company-branded content.

Banner Ads
Layout and (optional) copy support for Google Ads, targeted LinkedIn advertising, dynamic web retargeting, and other pay-per-click (PPC) banner advertising mediums.

Booth Skins & Signage
Whether you need brand new booth graphics and signage or you want to refresh your existing booth artwork with your latest branding and/or messaging, CyberEdge can help.

Pop-Up Banners
Need help creating new and/or refreshed artwork for pop-up banners? Piece of cake. Our talented graphic designers can create artwork for any type of pop-up banner you can find.

Logo Creation
Need a new (or improved) company logo? Or perhaps a logo for a specific product, technology, team, program, or conference? We’ll create a logo that you’ll love, because liking your logo just isn’t good enough.

Brand Style Guides
Let CyberEdge create and document your company’s brand identity, including logo usage guidelines, color palette usage (primary and secondary colors), font usage, iconography, branding elements, and more.