Custom Research

CyberEdge is a custom research powerhouse. We offer more custom research offerings than any other vendor in the entire IT industry.

Our promotional survey reports are second to none. No other research vendor can match CyberEdge’s data quality, report quality, geographic coverage, and breadth of available sponsorship deliverables. Nobody – not even close.

Technology vendors also turn to CyberEdge to conduct research studies for internal use, such as measuring customer satisfaction and loyalty, gauging brand awareness, and validating opportunities to expand into new IT markets.

Survey Reports
Sponsoring a CyberEdge survey report based on findings of a web-based survey helps generate and nurture top-of-funnel leads while demonstrating thought leadership with customers, partners, journalists, and analysts. CyberEdge’s data quality, geographic reach, and breadth of project deliverables is second to none.
Cyberthreat Defense Report Sponsorships
CyberEdge’s annual CDR has rapidly become the de facto standard for assessing organizations’ security posture, for gauging perceptions of IT security professionals, and for ascertaining current and planned IT security investments. CyberEdge’s Silver, Gold, and Platinum sponsors make our annual report possible.

Key Economic Impact Reports
Create a CyberEdge-branded report that gives your prospects insights into the return on investment they may achieve using your company’s product or service by learning how four of your customers achieved positive ROI in their environments.

Analyst Reports
Sponsoring a CyberEdge analyst report provides objective, third-party validation of your product category and/or unique competitive advantages. They’re an inexpensive way to generate and nurture top-of-funnel leads while building thought leadership in your industry.

Brand Awareness Studies
Studies designed to measure brand recognition and brand preference of your company’s brand and those of your competitors in the eyes of your target buyers in the United States and other countries.

Net Promoter Score Studies
Accurately gauge customer loyalty and track your NPS score over time to measure the impact of investments made to boost customer satisfaction and monitor for potential downturns in loyalty stemming from newfound dissatisfaction with your products or services.
Customer Satisfaction & Loyalty Studies
Annual research studies designed to measure loyalty to your brand (including your NPS score) and satisfaction across all customer-facing aspects of your business, including products, technical support, consulting services, channel partners, and more.

New Market Validation Studies
CyberEdge can help IT vendors decide whether to expand into new or existing IT industry segments by conducting formal research studies using a mix of web-based surveys and telephone interviews with prospective buyers.