Content Creation

Content is the cornerstone of any modern marketing program, but when deadlines are tight and campaign results are on the line, you might need help coming up with content ideas, researching and producing content, and seeing projects over the finish line. CyberEdge is here to help. Our experienced content creation consultants will dig in to understand your goals and requirements to get the job done.

The vast majority of the content we create is ‘ghost-written.’ We require no attribution as our customers take the content we produce and lay it out into company-branded templates. Of course, if you’d prefer third-party, CyberEdge-branded content, or need assistance with layout or creating new templates, we can help with that, too.

In any event, you can expect highly specialized experts with deep technical insights who require minimal ramp-up time, understand what’s needed, and get your content right from the start of the engagement. Look to CyberEdge to help you with:

White Papers
Content for both business and technical white papers to support all stages of the buyer journey.
Product & Service Brochures
Content for corporate brochures, product datasheets, services brochures, and more.

Solution Briefs
Content that describes how your product offering solves horizontal use case challenges, regulatory compliance challenges, and vertical industry challenges.
Content that demonstrates the joint value proposition with your channel partners, alliance partners, and integration partners.

Content for corporate and product presentations, sales presentations, technical overview presentations, keynote presentations, investor pitch decks, and more.

Case Studies
Content derived from interviewing customers for named and/or anonymous customer case studies.

Research Reports
Content derived from your company’s underlying data to generate new leads, nurture existing leads, and build thought leadership among customers, prospects, partners, journalists, and analysts.

Content for custom eBooks covering a broad spectrum of business and technical topics.
Graphical eBooks
Content, custom graphics, and layout (with your branding or ours) for custom gBooks (graphical eBooks) designed especially for business-focused decision makers and influencers.

Your own personal ‘webmaster’ who can make changes to your website, post new content, and ensure your website is performing optimally, available on a pay-as-you-go basis with no minimum commitment.
Website Pages
Content for communicating your company’s unique value proposition via your most important resource.
Connect with your prospective buyers in language that they can relate to while showcasing your products and/or services in their best light.
Social Media
We can create social media content to promote all of your existing content assets, news, and upcoming events.
Banner Ads
Layout and (optional) copy support for Google Ads, targeted LinkedIn advertising, dynamic web retargeting, and other pay-per-click (PPC) banner advertising mediums.
Media Bylines
Content for media bylines to be placed in business and trade publications.
Content Promo Packs
Promotional content for your latest gated content asset, including blog, landing page, email campaign, LinkedIn post, and Twitter tweets.
Let CyberEdge translate (and optionally lay out) your content into any of 25 supported languages, including German, French, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, and more.
Writing Style Guides
Help ensure that all of your marketing communications align with regard to spelling, capitalization, punctuation, voice, tone, tense, and point of view preferences.