Competitive Analysis

Knowing what your competitors are up to is key in arming sales with intel they can use to differentiate your company during negotiations. But where do you get that information, much less the time to research? Not to worry, CyberEdge has you covered. Our expert competitive analysis experts can partner with you to analyze the competition and understand why you win or lose deals, among other things.

Because we’re laser-focused on technology, we know the right questions to ask and bring a strong technical background to every project. As your one-stop shop for competitive analysis, CyberEdge offers a full suite of services, including:

Competitor Intelligence
Aggregate product attributes for one or more competitors into a Feature Comparison Matrix (FCM), leveraging both public and non-public sources, to fuel accurate competitive sales tools and training materials and to inspire new product roadmap enhancements.
Customer Win/Loss Interviews
Telephone-based interviews of customers who chose your product over a competing product and vice versa, yielding a comprehensive, actionable report that is personally presented to you and other key stakeholders.
Competitor Battlecards
Two-page “cheat sheets” depicting key competitive advantages for the benefit of internal and partner sales personnel.
Competitive White Papers
Customer-facing white papers depicting key advantages over competing products and/or services.
Competitor Vulnerability Studies
Uncover potentially exploitable vulnerabilities amongst your closest competitors by measuring competitor customer satisfaction and loyalty.
CRM Win/Loss Optimization
Consulting designed to maximize the integrity of competitive win/loss reports and underlying win/loss statistics derived from and other popular CRM platforms.