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CyberEdge is seeking career-oriented marketing, research, and competitive analysis contractors who are passionate about their chosen professions and exceeding client expectations. The following are just some of the benefits of contracting with CyberEdge:
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Competitive Compensation

CyberEdge consultants are well compensated and don’t need to invest non-billable time locating new projects.

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Reliable Payments

Regardless of whether our clients pay us on time, or at all, we are never late in paying our consultants.

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Work From Home

CyberEdge consultants work primarily from their home offices throughout the United States.

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Flexible Work Hours

Most of our client engagements enable you to set your own schedule.

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Less than 5% of applicants ever get the chance to consult for CyberEdge.

July 12, 2021

Dear Valued CyberEdge Clients,

Today, CyberEdge made two very important announcements. I’d like to share a few insights and discuss how these changes will positively impact our current and future clients.

First, effective immediately, CyberEdge will transform into a cybersecurity-only marketing firm. When I started CyberEdge almost a decade ago, I never dreamt that the IT security industry could achieve such rapid growth, now consuming 13% of a typical IT budget. Today, CyberEdge works with about one in every six security vendors. And, with this announcement, we hope to serve even more.

Second, I’m thrilled to announce that we’re launching a new sister company called LeadingEdge Group. LeadingEdge will become what CyberEdge has been all along – a marketing firm that serves all other technology vendors, including those in networking, cloud, storage, virtualization, IT service management, and others.

These changes will benefit our current and future clients in multiple ways:

  • Cybersecurity vendors will benefit by CyberEdge’s laser-focus on the IT security industry. Soon, we’ll be launching new single- and multi-sponsor survey reports on hot security topics and markets. And our recruiting efforts will focus on consultants with deep cybersecurity subject matter expertise.
  • Non-cybersecurity vendors will benefit by LeadingEdge’s renewed focus on other growing segments of the IT industry, including networking, cloud, IT service management, virtualization, storage, and more. LeadingEdge’s recruiting efforts will target experienced contractors with subject matter expertise in these and other IT industry segments.
  • All technology vendors have one source for their marketing, research, and competitive analysis needs. As LeadingEdge is a subsidiary of CyberEdge, signing one master services agreement (MSA) enables your company to engage both CyberEdge and LeadingEdge consultants.

So, regardless of what IT industry segment your company serves, we’ve got experienced consultants, with built-in subject matter expertise, to tackle all of your marketing, research, and competitive analysis needs. We can work with you regardless of where your career takes you.

On behalf of our 50+ CyberEdge and LeadingEdge consultants, we thank you for your loyalty and support. If you have questions regarding these announcements, please consult the Frequently Asked Questions section below. Or, request a CyberEdge consultation or LeadingEdge consultation so we can discuss your specific needs.

Warmest regards,

Frequently Asked Questions

What prompted CyberEdge to make these two announcements?

Over the last decade, the word “cyber” has become more closely aligned with cybersecurity than the internet (i.e., cyberspace). Many CMOs and marketing leaders working with networking, cloud, storage, virtualization, ITSM, and other non-security vendors have wrongly assumed that CyberEdge only works with cybersecurity companies. This has made it harder for CyberEdge to expand beyond the security industry. By launching LeadingEdge, we’ve got a more palatable brand for non-security vendors, and it affords CyberEdge the opportunity to become laser-focused on serving the rapidly growing cybersecurity vendor community.

Is LeadingEdge Group a separate company from CyberEdge Group?

No. LeadingEdge Group is a registered trade name, or DBA, of CyberEdge Group, LLC. It’s technically not a separate company, although we like to think of it as one.

If LeadingEdge Group is not a separate company, who are LeadingEdge clients signing contracts with?

New LeadingEdge clients will sign master services agreements (MSAs) and statements of work (SOWs) with “CyberEdge Group, LLC DBA LeadingEdge Group.”

We’re an existing CyberEdge client, but we don’t offer cybersecurity products or services. Will we be working with CyberEdge or LeadingEdge moving forward?

You’ll be transitioned to LeadingEdge. Your MSA will continue to be in effect with CyberEdge, but future SOWs will reference “CyberEdge Group, LLC DBA LeadingEdge Group.” All of the people you’ve been interacting with are the same, but they’ll be using LeadingEdge email addresses moving forward.

If my company transitions from being a CyberEdge client to a LeadingEdge client, will we have to start all over with a new consultant?

No. All CyberEdge consultants are also available to LeadingEdge. You can stick with the same consultant you’ve already worked with even though future SOWs will reference LeadingEdge. Your consultant will be using his or her LeadingEdge email account moving forward.

If we transition from CyberEdge to LeadingEdge, will we need to submit future payments to LeadingEdge?

No. Whether your company pays invoices through ACH payments or paper checks, you can remit payment to “CyberEdge Group, LLC” or “LeadingEdge Group.” It makes no difference. Both share the same ACH payment details and mailing address.

Will LeadingEdge offer the same services as CyberEdge?

Absolutely! However, CyberEdge will continue to offer cybersecurity-only research sponsorship opportunities, such as the annual Cyberthreat Defense Report.

My company provides both cybersecurity and non-cybersecurity products and services. Should we work with CyberEdge or LeadingEdge?

Both! Your MSA will be with CyberEdge. SOWs for cybersecurity projects will be with CyberEdge. SOWs for non-cybersecurity projects will be with LeadingEdge. If your project is associated with both cybersecurity and non-cybersecurity products or services, then flip a coin and tell us where it lands.